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Yes, you can feed your dog a meat-free diet.

People choose to eat a plant-based diet for many reasons including their health, ethics, and environmental concerns. But what about our dogs? Does the same reasoning apply? It’s natural to wonder if a meat-free diet is a healthy choice for dogs.
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Who regulates pet food labeling, and why does it matter?

You feed your dog two (okay, maybe three and some treats) times a day, but how did you decide what food to buy for them?
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Which Foods in Your Home Could Be Harmful To Your Dog?

We’ve all done it. You are sitting on the couch watching TV and snacking on some popcorn and your dog stands there looking at you with sad eyes. So you throw a piece up in the air and he leaps up to catch it. Happily, he crunches the popcorn loudly then sits and tilts his head and you give him another. Or, you are about to sit down with a piece of pizza and the doorbell rings, more likely you go see why your kids are yelling in the other room, only to come back three minutes later to an empty plate and a dog that sits licking his lips.
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