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Koji - A Whole Protein for Dogs

Creating Sustainable Pet Food for the Future

Veterinarians, food scientists, ethicists, environmentalists, and pet lovers realize there has to be a better way to feed our dogs. Koji is an affordable, nutritious, and eco-friendly protein that makes an excellent dog food.

Discover cultured protein pet food.

 Wild Earth is challenging the status quo of pet food with cultured protein that is good for your pets and the environment. Our first product, made from koji-based cultured protein, is set to launch in just a few weeks. More products for dogs and cats will follow very soon.


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Understanding the science: Read our white paper.

We found a novel way to deliver protein with a great nutritional profile. Our first cultured protein product is made from human-grade Koji, a fungi already enjoyed by billions of people around the world that is eco-friendly and renewably sourced.

Read Our White Paper

We’re creating something better for you and your pet.

We’re a team of experts, entrepreneurs, and visionaries with a dream: create the perfect food for dogs and cats of all ages. Our mission is to create healthy and safe pet foods using the highest quality and most wholesome ingredients available, designed to help your pets thrive.

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Made from cultured protein



Safe and sustainable



Simple and clean ingredients


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Wild Earth is challenging the status quo of pet food with cultured protein that is good for your pets and the environment.

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